Marko Prpić, a.k.a. Zets, is well known Croatian graphic artist, street artist, painter and jewelry designer who’s work emblazon the streets of many cities across Europe.

Zets Jewelry is Marko's take on the themes of modern, urban and eclectic mash of styles of old and new, incorporating many different techniques and materials creating accessories and jewelry that tickle one’s imagination. Albeit some of the pieces leniently appeals to either men or women, items could be appreciated by both.

Some of the pieces might look retro futuristic, some future retroistic, but all of them look nifty and are lovingly adorned by many of the most prominent figures in Croatian mainstream and underground art/design scenes and beyond.

Forming eccentric jewelry using high quality materials, like stainless steel, pieces of bicycle chains and best nautical ropes; make for unique handmade pieces that are eye-pleasing as well as functional on extravagant level - made to go hand in hand with causal clothing as well as over the top trappings.

Flawless cratfmanhip of the jewelry and accessoires make them wearable pieces of art. There are also available customisation of the pieces, and there are ‘one of a kind pieces’ also available - like Avatars, semiprecious stones necklaces and other possibilities.

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